House and pet sitter

A trusted house sitter is a value to homeowners nowadays because in many countries the contents of a home are not insured in the absence of habitation.

Houses fascinate me. Large and imposing or small and cozy. To me a house is so much more than a pile of stones. It has a soul that I lovingly get to know and care for.

As your trusted house sitter, I will keep your home heated and well taken care for. Of course, I also keep an eye out that everything continues to function properly. The garden will be maintained and the car can be moved regularly. A light will shine in the evenings and I am there to call the authorities in case of emergency.  

Pet sitting I adore animals and feel connection with them. With patience and joy, I share my time with them. In their eyes I see a mirror of my soul.

When I am in your home taking care of your animal(s), not only will the cost of a pet hotel be saved by the pet sitting service, but also the stress they experience when being removed from a familiar environment.

You can rest assured that your animal will receive enough attention during your travels. My pet sitting service comes with a heaps of love and dedication.

Claudine Steneker Caretaker Clo Amsterdam Europa Huisoppas Dierenoppas Caretaker

'A leak in the roof of the house she managed to repair and when we came home the house was wonderfully clean and tidy!'

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Claudine Steneker Caretaker Clo Amsterdam Europa Huisoppas Dierenoppas Caretaker

I am available for short term holidays and long-term habitation in your country house or second home in the Netherlands or abroad. I feel at home in remote places, and being on my own is no problem for me.


With eyes for detail and dexterous hands I will keep your property and animals, clean, safe and well cared for.  

This provides for a relaxed homecoming.