About me

My name is Claudine/Clo Steneker. Being inquisitive by nature, i enjoy contact with people and animals and love to be in different places. I love the outdoors, and find peace and inspiration in nature. I am a practical, versatile and consciously living woman. 


I am a certified yoga teacher and massage therapist, and have completed trainings in business management, décor set construction, permaculture and more.

My work experience includes Yoga teaching, lifestyle coaching, massage therapy, gardening, house painting, catering, hospitality and managing a music venue.

For over ten years I have been dedicated to taking care of homes, gardens and animals all over the world.    

I am honest and reliable, have a good sense of humor, stick to agreements and I am in possession

of a VOG (declaration of good conduct).

Claudine Steneker Caretaker Clo Amsterdam Europa Huisoppas Dierenoppas Caretaker